Tempus Contractor

One place to manage all your contractors

Manpower Planning

Manage and convey shift requirements to contractors

Manage and allocate resources to ensure shift targets are met.

Requirement Planning

Manage your department's shift requirements effectively

Enable HODs to send their shift requirements. Ensure accurate and timely communication of staffing needs.

Contractor Profile

Manage all contractors
at one place

Oversee and maintain contractor profiles. Ensure accurate and up-to-date information.

Compliance Management

Automate compliance workflows

Ensure compliance with government policies like labor laws, tax regulations, and industry-specific / legal requirements.

Contractor login

Contractor Self-Service

Enable contractors to log in and easily fulfill requirements. Reduce the administrative burden for both contractors and organizations.

Worker Profile

Streamline your contractor worker's onboarding

Take charge of optimizing your worker’s onboarding process


Reduce unnecessary expenses

Minimize overhead costs associated with managing contractors

Enhance communication

Better collaboration between contractors and your organization

Reduce risk

Ensure compliance with legal, regulatory, and safety requirements

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Manpower planning allocates resources, streamlines workforce deployment, and fulfills staffing needs efficiently. 

Utilize streamlined planning, clarify shift requirements, and communicate effectively with contractors. 

It centralizes contractor profiles, ensures up-to-date information, and monitors compliance with legal requirements. 

It automates workflows, tracks compliance status, and verifies adherence to labor laws and tax regulations. 

It allows contractors to log in, fulfill shift requirements, and upload certifications conveniently.