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Attendance Management Software

Manage your company-wide attendance with ease using the most advanced Cloud-based Attendance Management System. Our time and attendance software provides you with a seamless way to keep track of employee attendance, making it easier for you to manage and monitor your workforce. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, this attendance management software is the perfect solution for all your attendance tracking needs.
Attendance Management Software

Tempus Central Offers HRA Greater Autonomy with Software for Managing Attendance

Tempus Central provides HR managers and Administrators with increased control over attendance administration through its advanced attendance management technology. This cutting-edge presence tracking system seamlessly integrates with Payroll Systems, ERPs, HR Management Systems, and HR Information Systems. This allows for attendance management without interfering in the monthly attendance calculation process.

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Attendance Software

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Tempus People - employee attendance System

Streamline Employee Attendance with Self Service and Time Tracking Software

Give access to your employees to manage their own attendance and apply for leaves using Tempus People

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Biometric attendance machine

We provide mainly three types of attendace record solution

Attendance tracking has never been easier with our state-of-the-art attendance machine. This cutting-edge solution combines biometrics, attendance monitoring, face recognition, and mobile apps to provide a comprehensive and integrated approach to workforce management. With our innovative machine, HR managers and administrators can simplify the process of tracking employee attendance, freeing up valuable time and resources for other important tasks. Say goodbye to manual calculations and data entry with our secure and efficient attendance machine. Revolutionize your company's attendance tracking today with our advanced solution.


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Our Tempus People
Attendance Mobile App
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Its user-friendly designs make it easy to use and a one-stop solution for Core HR activities

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