Tempus Payroll

Automate your pay processes with attendance calculations with one click.

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Payroll Policy Builder

Customize payroll policy for your organizations needs

Create and build different policies to meet the unique requirements of each department and location.

Loans and Advances

Manage Loans and Advances

Keep track of your employee loans and advances with automated processes, ensuring accurate calculations, deductions, and repayment schedules.

Tax Deductions

Streamline tax deduction management

Verify employee income sources and manage tax deducted at source. 

Automated Pay Process

Manage payments with automation

Automate your entire pay process with just one click. Ensure accuracy, efficiency, and timely payments for employees. 

Compliance Reports

Comprehensive statutory compliance reports

Stay on top of regulatory requirements and ensure compliance. 



Automate payroll
with precision

Accurate calculations, deductions, and compliance with statutory requirements 

Customize policies for your organization

Tailor payroll policies for seamless adaptability across departments and locations. 

Manage loans

Automate loan calculations, flexible interest rates, and real-time updates.

General FAQs
Everything you need to know about our product and how it works.
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It’s a tool to customize payroll policies for different departments and locations. You can define earnings/deduction formulas, configure tax rules, manage bonuses, and customize PF rules. 

It helps manage employee loans with automated processes, flexible interest rates, and automated EMI deductions. 

It streamlines tax management by verifying employee income, generating Form 16, and calculating TDS. 

With one click, it automates pay calculations, tax deductions, and generates electronic pay slips for efficiency.

They ensure compliance with tax regulations, PF, ESI contributions, and provide reports in PDF and Excel formats.