Role of Attendance Software in Reshaping the Future of the Manufacturing Industry’s HR

For any organization Attendance management is a very crucial task, Attendance Software enables HR to ack the regularity of staff members with an analysis of reasons for absenteeism. Let’s Discuss why Attendance Tracking is a most important feature of an Attendance Management System while considering Manufacturing Industry. 

Requirement of Attendance Tracker for the Manufacturing Industry:  

To Track Employee’s Performance 

The total amount of time spent in the factory is very much related to work done by blue-collar & white-collar workers. So, the Attendance Management Software let you inform about Total Working Hours per day of each employee which makes you enable the schedule for production. 

To Calculate Overtime  

In manufacturing industries with hundreds of workers, manually calculating Overtime for each worker takes too much time and effort for HR. By using the Time Attendance System calculation of Overtime can be automated. 

To Calculate the Rate of Absenteeism 

For the manufacturing industry, ShiftWise rate of absenteeism is required to find which shift has a higher rate of absenteeism or which shift is regular which will directly impact to the set production target. 

To Analysis the Output of Absenteeism
Absenteeism costs the company directly the manufacturer like Higher Overtime Costs, Replacement of Worker Costs, Paid Leave Costs, or Loss of Production Delayed Production. By generating absenteeism reports through time attendance software, you may able to find costs to the company due to the absence of employees. 

To Calculate Payroll Inputs 

Record of Attendance In/ Out Time is required to calculate paid days as per company policy & Attendance Sheet can be automatically generated for Payroll Input regarding the salary process. 

To Comply with Government Labor Laws 

Manually managed attendance records can lead to a lot of mistakes & may also violate labor laws which require an employee to work a certain number of hours a week. An automatic attendance system helps to resolve such issues. Employee attendance system tracks attendance accurately which helps to produce accurate records to comply with government labor laws. 

Tempus Central is such an employee attendance management system to track the attendance of employees automatically. By using Tempus Central you can save up to 3 working days of HR’s time each month by automating Complex Attendance Counting & Managing Attendance Policies automatically. Connect Today to reap the benefits of Future Ready Attendance Management Software.

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